So, it turns out I couldn’t use this page for what I wanted, which is to put all “wargaming” posts in one place. I still like the idea of having additional pages available though, so instead I’ll make use of this by putting up some information about the games I play and some links to posts I’ve made that you might find interesting.

I started wargaming a few years back after being introduced to the game Warmachine/Hordes by a friend. He had been trying for a while to get me involved in his hobby, but it never really stuck. Wargaming, in my mind, was an expensive hobby with very little to offer an unsociable wretch like me. I was at least partially wrong.

One day when he invited me to a new tabletop gaming store that had opened up just down the road from me – easy walking distance, for sure – I decided, after agonising over it for some time, to take him up on it and I strolled down there and played my first ever game of Hordes (one half of the Warmachine/Hordes wargame).

Very little of what I’d done stuck in my head, but the idea of it was fun and the possibility of having more reasons to hang out with my friend kept me coming back. I settled on buying a Trollbloods starter set which I assembled and painted, with his help – I’d never done anything like that before – and found myself really getting into the game and by extension meeting new people to play with.

I still fall back on bad habits, staying home when I could be going out, but I try to push myself when I can.

Now I am the proud owner of three different armies. Alongside my Trollbloods, I have Protectorate of Menoth and Retribution of Scyrah, all three of which can, with varying degrees of comfort, field 100 points.

I moved to Warmachine after attending my first ever Salute (a wargaming convention in London). I liked the idea of trying something new and so I bought the Protectorate of Menoth battlebox, which sat on my shelf for some time before I eventually made something of it.

I like the difference in the way the two types of factions play and though I’ve always struggled to make good of Warmachine in the ways I’ve managed with my trolls, I like the strategic simplicity it offers. Hordes is much more forgiving, but happy to be messy. Trolls love mess the most.

When I picked up Retribution, I knew I was in for a challenge because the only people I knew that ever used them lost consistently. They’re fun to use, but their rules aren’t quite as exciting as other factions and they tend to have much less to play against Hordes. They’re also the kings of “bad match ups”, which can sometimes go both ways, offering you a unexpected advantage, but most times ends in crippling defeat. I still like them, but they are certainly not ideal for beginners.

So I find myself now considering trolls again, or more specifically, considering the lists I like to play rather than factions as a whole. There’s a lot of warlocks and warcasters I think are cool, but I think of each of my armies, it always boils down to one specific model that I gravitate towards.

These are my favourite warlocks/’casters by faction:

Trollbloods: Primal Doomshaper
Protectorate: Epic Feora
Retribution: Kaelyssa

The last of these is actually a toss up between Kaelyssa and Ravyn, both of which are fun to use, though Ravyn’s destructive potential is far more potent and I generally play her in only one way because of it. Kaelyssa offers so many options that it’s easy to forget them, but on a good day you can make use of them all and feel pretty awesome about that.

I love both of the Feoras because of the look, the character and the amazing feats they both have, but for all the fun of her original version, Epic Feora is far more dangerous considering how well she compliments warjacks (heavies such as the vanquisher and reckoner being perfect examples). She’s probably my favourite model of all.

Then back to the beginning with the first warcaster I picked up after a few brief games with the battlebox’s primal Madrak. Primal Doomshaper is a powerhouse of damage output. More than a few people have had to check the cards in shock at what he’s capable of doing. He loves heavies and so do I. His tier list is an absolute godsend too, enabling him to do the kind of nasty things most factions only dream of. My lists with him have made people very upset in the past.