Posted herein thou will findest only the greatest and most wondrous of blogs, forums and other online thingamyjingles. This text is placeholder. It’s holding place. I have to respect it for that.


TBP! Slim Banner

That Bloody Podcast! – An audio only (currently) podcasted presented by myself and my friends Laura (Laura Does Games) and Michal (MichalTCZ). On it, we discuss topics ranging from gaming, films, social issues and general geekdom. No topic is too infuriating for That Bloody Podcast!

Critical Mass – A website run by my good friend Harrison, where I regularly post film and video game reviews. Harrison’s essays on cinema are a notable draw to the blog and well worth checking out! (My film articles: Ant-Man, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and game articles: StarCraft 2: Heart of the SwarmBatman: Arkham KnightDefense Grid 2)

work in progress_bannerWork in Progress – Back in my University days I tried (for the second time) to ruin run a webcomic. I made about four comics and then my tablet died and alas so did the comic, but still the website lives on! Perhaps one day I will rekindle my love of teh funnies. Until then, enjoy this relic of my past.


Zue Chong is a blog written by a good friend of mine and fellow writer. I don’t know what she puts on there. It’s a strange and alienating world of which I have little current knowledge. Check it out though, she’s a great writer and she scares the shit out of me.

Form of Love is an Indiegogo project that my good friend Michal Turcar is First Assistant Director-ing. It’s a Czech film which will eventually be released with English subtitles and I think that the page will probably describe it better than I can. Not that I’m biased, but if it’s anything like the other work that Michal has produced it will doubtless be really good. You can check out his youtube channel here.



Privateer Press, the home of Warmachine, Hordes, and all things Iron Kingdom.

Mantic Games, the creators of Kings of War, Warpath, Dreadball and all around awesomeness.

Wayland Games, the braggards who have stolen so much of my time and money of late!


Penny Arcade, a hilarious webcomic about gaming by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe and Tycho).

Questionable Content, a slice of life webcomic by Jeph Jaques.

Two Guys and Guy, a dark humour comic strip by Rickard Jonasson.

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