Star Wars at Tesco’s

Star Wars. Tesco. These things don’t immediately sound like they’d go hand in hand, and yet, from the 12th to the 13th of December, that’s exactly what they did.

2015-12-13 11.14.24.jpg

A little while back, my girlfriend informed me of an event being held at Tesco’s around the country. I’d been to “Force Friday”, an event held at numerous toy stores to herald the new line of Star Wars goodies, so we joked about me going to this one too.

And then, because I’ve got the Star Wars bug and hey, Tesco’s is pretty easy to get to, I did.

I was actually pretty impressed with the event, simplistic as it was. The store we visited had cardboard cut outs of the new First Order Stormtroopers, a number of related items on sale near the door and a table set up for kids (and adults too, apparently) to sit and make LEGO X-wings from the pieces left available.

2015-12-13 11.20.552015-12-13 12.59.532015-12-13 13.01.40

In addition to this, there was a treasure hunt around the store, coupons for free toys and activity sheets for younglings. Obviously this was an event intended for kids, but the staff tending to it were keen to get everyone involved.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty nice event and though I’ve read about some disappointment about the lack of actual people in costumes (this was supposedly advertised, but fell through at the last moment), there was a pretty positive atmosphere to the whole thing and most importantly, it looked like the event’s intended audience were enjoying themselves immensely.

And yes, I now own a mini LEGO X-Wing.

2015-12-13 11.15.43


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