Announcing: That Bloody Podcast!

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Hi everyone!

This is just a quick post about the podcast I’m running along with two of my really good friends, Laura and Michal. It’s called That Bloody Podcast! and on it we discuss topics ranging from games and movies to other topical and perhaps more controversial subjects, such as atheism, feminism and the media.

We’re having a blast making it, and I hope that if you haven’t already checked it out, you will do and that you’ll enjoy it just as much. The current setup is as a video uploaded on YouTube at approximately an hour and a half in length (it varies). We will soon be moving to SoundCloud and iTunes as well.

A little about my friends –

LauraLaura (Laura Does Games) is a lifelong gamer and self-confessed nerd. She loves Star Wars, Marvel and ranting!


Michal (MichalTCZ) on the other hand is an aspiring director from the Czech Republic with whom I have worked on a few projects.

AndrewAnd then, naturally, there’s me, Andrew (Lightbleeder), the bastard who never updates his blog.

Y’all know me. Know how I earn a livin’… Heh, well, fingers crossed.

So yeah, check us out on our brand new flashy YouTube channel and be sure to visit our individual channels if you want to find out more about each of us.

Until next time!

About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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