Battle Report: Kaelyssa Vs. Primal Lylyth [Take 2]

Hi everyone!

I met up with my friend yesterday and it was time for a battle box rematch. Once again, my friend was drawing on the draconic strength of the Legion of Everblight, while I was championing the enigmatic Retribution of Scyrah.

My opponent won the dice roll, but decided to let me go first.


Turn one: Retribution

Using the default battle box for Retribution, my list consisted of:

A chimera
A griffon
A manticore

I gave each warjack one focus each and placed the chimera via [apparation] two inches further up the field.

All three warjacks then ran, while Kaelyssa cast Phantom Hunter and chose to move to cover.

2015-03-22 17.19.04

Turn two: Legion

Once again using Legion’s default battle box, my opponent’s list consisted of:

Primal Lylyth
A carnivean
Four shredders

As with the previous game, my opponent decided to play it safe, walking up the field rather than running.

The carnivean cast its animus, Spiny Growth, on itself.

Lylyth went on the offensive, firing twice at my manticore. Both hit, needing only a five, and did a respectable thirteen damage overall, knocking out the force field and creeping into column three.

2015-03-22 17.26.01


Turn one: Retribution

Kaelyssa upkeeps Phantom Hunter and allocates one focus to the chimera, one focus to the griffon and two to the manticore. The chimera is once again placed due to apparation, closer to the enemy forces.

The griffon charged the shredder in the centre, easily hitting and apparently killing it outright. It then attacked the shredder to its right with the shield, knocking out its mind. This also managed to catch all the remaining shredders, the carnivean and Lylyth in combat.

Next, the chimera charged the carnivean. Its apparition brought it just close enough to get into melee. I went for a [combo strike], adding the power of its second fist to the first, but only managed to knock off four points before taking two in the force field from Spiny Growth.

At this point I realised I’d made a mistake in my order of activation. I’d given the manticore two focus so it could aim and fire three times, utilising its full rate of fire, but having caught the shredders in combat with the griffon, my options were limited. I boosted to hit on one visible shredder, which sadly missed and ended up hitting my griffon instead.

As the shot was in the back arc, the griffon received no protection from its shield as well as being slightly easier to hit. Fortunately the attack only did two points of damage which went straight into the force field.

The remaining focus point I used to regenerate the force field.

Lastly, Kaelyssa activated and moved to safety, beside the manticore.

2015-03-22 17.38.42

Turn two: Legion

Lylyth leeched two fury from the carnivean and cut herself for one to put her back to full.

The carnivean activated first and cast Spiny Growth on itself as before. It then proceeded to attack the chimera, missing with its bite, but causing massive damage with its talons.

With the chimera somehow hanging on to dear life, my opponent chose to activate the nearest shredder, which she forced to become rabid. The shredders one attack was enough to hit the light warjack and turn it into a wreck.

The remaining two shredders swarmed the griffon. The first went rabid, but failed to damage. After a second attack was bought, it managed to knock off some points from the force field. The second shredder did the same, but caused no damage. With a lot of fury on the table, my opponent decided not to buy another attack.

MISTAKE: One of the shredders was lacking its mind by this point, but we didn’t notice and three dice were rolled instead. It didn’t really alter the outcome though.

Having inadvertently blocked line of sight to Lylyth, my opponent’s warlock was suddenly out of combat. She decided to capitalise on this by boosting attack and damage rolls from two shots at the griffon. Both hit and caused respectable damage, knocking out the griffon’s shield and effectively lowering its armour.

With just a fury left, Lylyth used [bushwhack], allowing her to move after her action. She used this to move further away from danger.

2015-03-22 17.53.17


Turn one: Retribution

Once more, I had Kaelyssa upkeep Phantom Hunter, then allocated three focus to the griffon and two to the manticore.

At this point the griffon had an abundance of targets. Its initial attack went onto the damaged shredder, which did enough to leave it with just one box. I bought an attack that killed it and then the remainder went onto the shredder directly in front, knocking out body and spirit but failing to kill.

I had to ignore the shield attack, as it was impossible to hit any of the shredders on one dice.

The manticore once more spent a focus to regenerate its shield, then ran in front of a nearby wall.

Kaelyssa then activated and ran behind the wall and also behind the manticore. My hope was to block Lylyth’s line of sight, and giving Kaelyssa a fighting chance at retaliation. The wall also provided cover, one of the few things that [eyeless sight], a rule very prevalent in Legion of Everblight, fortunately does not ignore.

2015-03-22 18.05.19

Turn two: Legion

Lylyth leached back four fury from the shredders and one from the carnivean, forcing it to do a threshold check, which it passed.

With the carnivean still firmly under her control, my opponent had it wander over to my griffon, which it managed easily to destroy.

This left the shredders free to move and engage my manticore. The first used rabid, not only for boosted attack and damage rolls, but for the additional speed and pathfinder which were integral for passing over the wreckage of the griffon.

The shredder ultimately failed to damage the manticore, though its partner, which did the same, managed to knock three points off the shield.

MISTAKE: Both shredders moved outside of Lylyth’s control area, meaning neither could have been legally forced for additional attacks.

MISTAKE: The second shredder had already lost both body and spirit. Neither of us noticed this, but it would have prevented rabid and saved the manticore those three points.

With the shredders ensuring that the manticore cannot easily attack Lylyth, my opponent chose to risk moving forward and went for the assassination.

Lylyth moved up to another wall and popped her feat, Field of Slaughter, granting an additional die to her attack rolls (no other models could benefit from this as she was the last to activate). She then made a ranged attack against Kaelyssa, needing a surprising thirteen to hit.

This is where the wording of Field of Slaughter becomes very important. Lylyth’s feat gave her an additional die, but it wasn’t a boost. This meant that she could boost the roll and effectively roll four dice to hit. This is what she did and she was successful. She then boosted the damage, knocking five points off of Kaelyssa.

My opponent then bought another ranged attack and similarly boosted to hit. This attack also hit and even though the odds were against her, she managed to do just enough damage to assassinate Kaelyssa, resulting in a…


 This was another very enjoyable game, in spite of a few mistakes along the way. None of them impacted greatly on the outcome of the game, however and as I pointed out at the time, had she chosen to ignore the manticore entirely and activated Lylyth first, she would still have won and in the same way.

As last time, it’s impressive to see how my friend has picked up the game, in particular working to Lylyth’s strengths. She does a good job in keeping her out of danger and saving the feat for the assassination.

The Retribution battle box is far from my favourite. Kaelyssa is my favourite Retribution warcaster, but none of my lists make use of the included warjacks. I find they stretch her focus too thin and force her into dangerous positions that warlocks like Lylyth (who specifically ignore most of Kaelyssa’s advantages) are very capable of exploiting.

For the next game we’ve decided to try something different. We’ll be doing a 15 point game, using different models. It will be very interesting to see how this changes the dynamic as well as a chance for my friend to try something new.

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