Speculating on the New Colossals: The Revelator

RevelatorRevelator_imageThe revelator is apparently all about stealth, or more specifically overcoming it. It’s a strange addition to a faction that prides itself on an overabundance of sprays and aoes, but the ability to knock out stealth would certainly benefit our other shooting models like the beloved reckoner or a unit of errants. Additionally, being able to land an aoe where you need it rather than hoping it’ll scatter in the right direction could be incredibly useful, particularly when trying to pick off annoying solos that might otherwise be untouchable.

As with all colossals and gargantuans, the revelator boasts two big and dangerous looking fists. This will very likely give it access to all the usual power attacks as well as being enough to crush any heavy it can reach.

What interests me the most are the twin cannons on its shoulders. They look very similar to the vanquisher‘s flame belcher, and I could easily imagine that they act similarly, with perhaps a few alterations – additional range would be a godsend (Menothsend?). The fact that there’s two of them is already making me wonder if I can find room for this monstrosity in my epic Feora list, where it could easily end up replacing the two vanquishers I currently use.

Oh and the flamethrowers? Yeah, I guess they come as standard.

The real question though, is how it will compare with the judicator. Both warjacks offer a way to deal with stealth, with the revelator’s being more specific and the judicator’s being an abundance of aoes. Being able to see through stealth, the revelator would definitely be more accurate, but the judicator’s reliquary granting it a free focus each turn may mean the revelator is more costly to use.

Either way, the revelator looks amazing and it’ll be fun to see exactly what it brings to the game when the full rules are revealed. I’m already imagining how amazing it would be to have both colossals marching behind a unit or two of temple flameguard and blasting everything in sight.


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