Battle Report: Kaelyssa Vs. Primal Lylyth

Hi everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I made one of these, but I’ve been having fun teaching a new friend to play the game and I thought now was a good time to shake off the cobwebs.

For these games we’ve been using only the starter boxes of our respective factions. My opponent has a fondness for dragons, so the corruption of the Legion of Everblight was too much for her to resist, while myself I’ve been getting some much needed practice with the so-called angry elves of the Retribution of Scyrah.

My opponent won the dice roll and decided to go first.


Turn one: Legion

Using the default battle box for Legion, my opponent had at her disposal:

Primal Lylyth
A carnivean
Three shredders

Playing it cautious, she chose to spend her first turn simply moving forward.

2015-03-08 17.51.07

Turn two: Retribution

Similarly, using the default battle box for Retribution, my army was comprised of:

A chimera
A griffon
A manticore

For my first turn, I gave each warjack one focus, allowing them to run ahead. With the chimera slightly further due to [apparition].

Kaelyssa activated last and cast Phantom Hunter on herself and popped her feat, The Vanishing, giving her and all friendly Faction models in her control area [stealth] and an immunity to charges. She then chose to charge a shredder for additional distance.

2015-03-08 17.54.53


Turn one: Legion

With my feat protecting my forces from immediate attack, my opponent decided to reposition instead. She cunningly used her shredders as meat shields, blocking Lylyth and the carnivean from direct attack.

To add insult to injury, her carnivean cast its animus, Spiny Growth, upon itself (upping its armour considerably), while Lylyth dropped two fury points to compensate.

Turn two: Retribution

Now I had to go on the offensive. I upkept Phantom Hunter and gave one focus to the chimera and griffon each and two to the manticore.

My chimera activated first, charging a shredder close to Lylyth. The charge attack failed to hit, as did its second attack, but on the plus side I managed to catch both shredders in combat.

It was the griffon’s turn next. It charged a shredder to the right of the carnivean and hit, causing enough damage to kill it outright while also getting into combat with the heavy warbeast.

I didn’t want to leave that last shredder free to roam, but it somehow proved resilient. It took all the focus of both my manticore and Kaelyssa to take it down.

2015-03-08 17.57.41


Turn one: Legion

My opponent leeched back the fury and wasted no time activating Lylyth, who then moved into the open.

Lylyth immediately popped her feat, Field of Slaughter, granting an additional die on all attack rolls to friendly Faction models in her control area and took a shot at Kaelyssa, needing only 9 on three dice (an average roll). The shot hit and she spent a fury to boost the damage, slicing through 10 points of health.

She then bought a second ranged attack, but surprisingly this missed.

Not yet finished with my severely wounded warcaster, my opponent had Lylyth cast Eruption of Spines upon her. This used up all of her remaining fury and being a spell, requiring an 11 this time. However, the dice were clearly on her side and the attack hit.

In order to finish off Kaelyssa, my opponent needed to roll 10 or more on only two dice. As luck would have it, she rolled exactly 10, ensuring that this game ended in a…


Lylyth Victory

I had to admit being shocked by the speed of that assassination. Had the second shot hit, she could well have killed Kaelyssa with that alone. Of course, if she hadn’t, she would have left herself in a very vulnerable position, but this game is all about taking chances and the odds were very much in her favour.

If I’ve learned anything from this game though, it’s not to underestimate a Legion player, no matter their level of experience. Legion are deadly and the battle box exemplifies this.

I was impressed with how my opponent used her shredders to hide her most valuable models.

It’s great to see how well she’s picking up the game, but a little scary too. After all, no matter how small my part in it, I have helped unleash a new Legion player upon the tabletop and that could spell doom for us all!


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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