International Tabletop Day 2013

TableTopDay_logoWil Wheaton plays tabletop games. Apparently he’s been doing this for a while, and he’s even got this whole series online called “TableTop” where he plays various games. It turns out this show has been running for quite some time (and I cannot entirely feign ignorance to that fact), a whole year in fact, and to mark this occasion Geek & Sundry declared March 30th to be “International Tabletop Day”.

This year March 30th fell on a saturday and I spent a few hours of that day down at my local gaming venue, Tabletop Nation. I wasn’t really sure what to expect given that the event for me at least seemed to have appeared out of the blue. When I arrived outside the building I was surprised by the number of cars there were. It was certainly a much bigger turn out than I had expected.


“Shut up, Wesley!” – every crewmember of the USS Enterprise

As I entered the building I was welcomed by a cardboard cut-out of Wil Wheaton complete with smug smile. There was certainly no doubt in my mind that I had come to the right place, and that the former Star Trek ensign had much to be smug about indeed.

All over the place demos were being held for all manner of games, some I’d heard of and played such as Warmachine/Hordes and others that I can barely even identify. I hear there was also some Spartacus and Space Hulk action going down. The latter complete with sound effects.


This ship is NOT the Enterprise. I’m not entirely sure what it is.

I admit to being a bit overwhelmed at first, as I’m not naturally a very sociable person, but I was quickly lead into a demo of Tutatis, a fantasy football game in the same vein as Dreadball or Games Workshop’s Bloodbowl. It was a pretty fun game to play, and I liked the fact that coming away from the event I had at least got a chance to try something new.

Overall I really enjoyed the event and it looked like it was a big hit. I’m looking forward to International Tabletop Day 2014, and other upcoming wargaming events. Salute springs to mind!


More awesome scenery.



About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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