Monthly Update: April 2013

Another month over and I’m beginning to feel that maybe it’s time I got back to posting more than once every whenever.

At least as I look out at the bleak and frozen landscape that this so-called spring weather has turned my garden into, I can think fondly of the time I have been able to put to good use working on new stories and practicing my writing.

Oh and playing Skyrim.

skyrimBut I assure you rumours of my laziness have been greatly exaggerated. I jest of course, no one is spreading rumours about me (well there is one person, but I feel like maybe they’re not the best at it).

Over April I will be working on a number of short stories that I plan to submit to various competitions and potential publishers. I hope to be very active, at least in that regards. And then of course there’s that novel of mine which is thankfully drawing to a close very soon. The thought of redrafting this monstrosity quite frankly chills me to the core (which given the weather is a notable achievement in itself).

But enough about my writing problems. I hope to post more about my Tabletop experiences as it is now a year since I picked up the hobby and there’s a lot to reflect on. Not only that but the 30th of March was International Tabletop Day, and there are plenty of future events for me to drone on about endlessly.

I also want to talk about my time on work experience at a publisher in London and how things have changed (or not changed) since then.

But as before, with so much of my free time consumed by job-searching and writing, I find myself with little time and motivation to push myself into updating this blog. At this point I can’t guarantee regular posts, though it has always been my intention to return to this blog – with a vengeance – and get things back on track.

Of course, intention doesn’t count for much. Actions speak louder. I am hopeful that in the not so distant future I can prove my intentions to be true.

As always, thanks for the patience.


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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