Monthly Update: February 2013

Well that didn’t turn out how I expected. January has passed and I’ve still writing the first draft of my novel. It’s nearly done though, nearly nearly. More nearly done than it was the last time I said it was at least.

My plan is to have the first draft finished by the end of February, and it’s starting to look like this might actually happen!


Writing this novel has taken up a lot more time than I expected. I’ve been pushing myself to write 1000 words a day on it alone, but that’s turning out to be unrealistic. I can manage the words, but the self-doubt is what really gets to me.

I worry that the novel is too long, that the plot is too confusing, that I’ve made lots of mistakes in characterisation or just generally written badly. Increasingly I find myself turned off by what I’m creating, not because I think the concept is bad, but because I am afraid I can’t do it justice. Still, I suppose that’s why this is a first draft.

It’s funny really. I think that by focusing solely on my novel, I’ve actually made it harder to write. I leave myself with hardly any time for anything else, and that was absolutely not what I intended.

I need to take a step back. Relax. Work on other things between writing for the novel.

…things like this blog!

So this month I’m getting back into blogging. I’m going to try and make good on my promises, get things done that I failed to do last month and get back into the swing of things. I want to update regularly again.

I’ve got a lot of wargaming related news, so if there’s actually anyone that visits this blog to read about that – come on, there must be at least one person – you might enjoy what’s coming up this month.

Swamp of Phantoms is drawing to its conclusion. There will be an update this friday, and (hopefully) every friday this month.

As for last month’s mystery image, all I can really say about it at this point is that it has a lot of relevance in the novel I’m writing. The idea of the Four Horsemen, and that image in particular were both of great inspiration for me when creating four of the major players in the Protectorate. More about that another time!

Well that’s it for this update.

Fingers crossed I can make up for January.


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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