The Protectorate Novel

“They say it started with a rumbling sound, or the whip-crack of lightning in a sky that blazed crimson. Either way, the world ended, and what it was that caused the birthworld’s demise, not a mortal soul can say. Old Earth is dead, but we live on.”

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It is the distant future. Mankind has spread across the stars, each colony forging their own star empires and seeding countless worlds . The void shines with humanity’s light.

But the unthinkable has happened. A terrible cataclysm has destroyed Earth, leaving the shattered remnants of humankind alone amongst the stars.

From the ashes of Old Earth a new empire has risen. Named the Protectorate, this powerful faction seeks to reunite humanity, to ensure the safety and progression of the human species. By force if need be.

To this end, the fleets of the Protectorate spread far across the galaxy in search of the missing colonies, bringing with them a message of peace and enlightenment, as well as the weapons and strength to subjugate those who would spurn it.

Chief amongst these fleets is that of the Centauran Collective. Commanded by the ruthless Prefect Hastur Sarnath, known to most as the Battlemaster, the fleet scours the distant rim of Protectorate space, ever vigilant for signs of humanity’s lost sons and daughters.

One such world is Argolyth, home to a tyrannical religious order and a young warrior-knight known as Arin-Xey. At first fighting desperately against the advanced forces of the Battlemaster, Arin discovers too late the impossibility of the task ahead of him, and soon falls after one last desperate fight.

But death is only the beginning for Arin-Xey.

His body retrieved and revived by the advanced sciences that the Protectorate commands, Arin soon finds himself in deep space aboard the Battlemaster’s flagship. Though furious at his situation, he soon discovers that all is not as it seems. An even greater threat has reared its head and events are in motion that will change the galaxy forever.

The wonders and secrets of the Protectorate and its enigmatic masters begin to unfold in this tale of adventure, mystery, romance and war against the backdrop of a galaxy poised to explode.

Cast of characters (abridged):

Arin-Xey – The novel’s main protagonist, Arin-Xey is a former Knight-Warrior from the colony world of Argolyth. After centuries of isolation, Argolyth’s colony broke down and reverted to a more feudal state of governance. Arin-Xey is a member of the Warrior caste, born to fight and die for the state, his life dictated by a  strict code of honour and duty.

Hastur Sarnath, the Battlemaster – A deadly combatant and ruthless tactician, the prefect known as the Battlemaster is a devestating foe. War is his natural habitat, and rage his weapon of choice, but there is more to this super-human being than meets the eye. Dark secrets lurk beneath the surface, and scars that cannot be seen.

Gaius Arcturus, the Word – Beloved by billions, Arcturus is the Master of Seberu and de facto leader of the Protectorate. A brilliant politician and gifted diplomat, he is the charismatic mastermind behind the reunification fleets and a symbol of peace within the Protectorate.

Xorya Nurielle, the Fist of the Council – An enigma even among the ranks of the prefects, very little is known about this elusive being save for a name, and dark rumours.

Dhajin – A member of the Decimator Corps, Dhajin is a battle-ready soldier skilled in the use of Aegis-Steel Power Armour. She is a disciplined fighter, with a good sense of humour and a surprisingly positive disposition.

Writing officially begins November 1st!


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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