The Protectorate and the Prefecture

First off I must point out that this post may contain slight SPOILERS from Wrathangel: The Swordsman’s Tale. It might also make no sense at all if you haven’t read said short(ish) story, so if you want to know what the blazing ‘ell I’m blathering on about, you can check out the story here.

That out of the way, let me get to the point of this post, which is of course to tell you more about the setting of my upcoming sci-fi novel (it has a name, but I’m not allowed to tell you it) as well as various short stories.

So what is the Protectorate?

The word “Protectorate” has many meanings, but in this case it refers to the most prosperous human empire ever to grace the stars. Forged from the ashes of Old Earth, it stands testament to the resilience of humanity and is devoted to advancing the species in every possible way.

The Protectorate desires the complete reunification of humankind, seeking out the lost colonies across the void. Technology and emancipation are the gifts offered to these wayward sons and daughters. Those that accept the hand of peace are welcomed with open arms, but those that refuse risk the ire of the Protectorate’s super-human rulers.

After all, humanity must be saved from itself, whatever the cost.

And what about the Prefecture?

The Prefecture is an organisation within the Protectorate that operates at the highest level, yet remains for the most part outside the government. It is also a collective term for the Protectorate’s rulers, the awe-inspiring prefects, super-human beings advanced far from the weakness and mortal frailty of the common man.

These Prefects oversee the Protectorate’s domains, divided into star realms, each operating as a sovereign state capable of governing itself but dedicated to upholding the word of the doctrine. Most domains are ruled by only one prefect, though there are exceptions.

Most notable of these exceptions are those prefects that belong to the Council. One of which you may already have read about in Wrathangel, with a second mentioned later on in that same story. You will hear a lot more about him in the future.

But really, what’s all this about?

The universe of the Protectorate is a dark and morally grey place where the good guys aren’t always good, and the stakes are always high. It’s a place of advanced technology, alien vistas, vast fleets of space-faring void galleons, enhanced humans of unimaginable power… adventure, mystery, war and romance. Oh yes, there’s romance too.

What more can I say at this point? Probably quite a bit, but instead of doing that I’ll just say that you’ll be seeing more about the Protectorate fairly soon. I’m planning something pretty major with them for November, and if you follow writing news you may even be able to guess what that is…

See you all soon!


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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