Troll Bouncer gets a paintjob

(Update: Photos added! See below!)

(Unfortunately all my batteries seem to have simultaneously run flat so it looks like I’ll have to edit the images into this post tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!)

Hell, it’s about time!

I should point out, to those who don’t know, and that’s probably… uh, everyone… that the Troll Bouncer has for a long time been my favourite light warbeast in the troll army. At first this was based simply on looks. I’m a sucker for a model that looks ready to smash things up and has the muscles and the armour to back it up after.

The default bouncer in his natural habitat… a white abyss?

That description matches the troll bouncer perfectly, and standing next to the axer and impaler you have a nice team of vaguely similar looking trolls. These are, after all, the standard trolls. They’re not all about the elements and there’s no lightning rippling through their veins. These are the no-nonsense guys, and the bouncer exemplifies that.

His animus “Bump” is awesome fun. I’ve written about it before so I won’t keep going on about it but check out the Battle College page about it and you’ll start realising the applications it can have either to cause your opponent to rethink his tactics or give him a real headache when his first successful hit becomes his final attack. The bouncer is not invincible though it takes a lot to breach its armour all the same.

This is how you bump.

The thing I like most about it is the brilliance of the model’s pose and that face which was just awesome fun to paint. I took my colour choices from this guy after looking for suggestions on how to paint him up. I love how he’s done it, and the blue hair was tempting… but I want mine to match up with his other troll brothers, and I think the red hair looks cool.

I’ve also been painting up the mauler again, trying to improve him little by little. It sounds like it’s the last day of the Journeyman League next wednesday so I’m in a hurry to get everything painted (read this as making more time to paint, not painting hurriedly!) so that I can go out in style. Wish me luck!


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