Kickstarting Dreadball – & other Warpath news

So sunday the 30th of September has rolled by, and Mantic’s new game “Dreadball” is officially funded… and then some! Talking of other things that have officially happened, quite by coincidence and not hours of sweating and deliberating about whether or not I could afford it… I threw caution to the wind (or at least a light breeze) and made my first ever kickstart pledge!

Really it was too good an opportunity to pass up, with all those exclusive goodies going begging. I’m a complete newb to kickstarter, though I’ve followed numerous kickstarter projects to completion in the past. This was the first time I went so far as to take the plunge, and I’m not disappointed that I did.

So… damned… dwarfy!

There’s a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that in your small part you made something possible. It doesn’t hurt that I’ll be getting some awesome Forge Father themed dice and a miniature based around Penny Arcade‘s Gabe, but it really does seem like a game worth supporting.

This description is not worthy.

In other news I’ve got back to putting my Fate of the Forge Star models together (with some help I might add) and I’m now almost done with the Marauders (or orx). I have to say I do love their models, and there’s a lot of customisation available, though I admit I didn’t notice this until the majority were done. I have ridiculous amounts of spare heads now.

Currently my favourite of the bunch. I shall name him Orximus.

With any luck I’ll get the last few put together tonight and be able to have a game in the nearish future. Until then you may marvel at my poorly constructed orxish army.

See if you can spot the odd one out.

Dem orx iz reddee fur da fightin’!

Also if you haven’t seen it yet there is a new video up on Beasts of War about the future of Warpath. It sounds pretty vague at the moment, and my reading of it leads me to believe that the game may be taking a backseat while Dreadball rolls out. The new features in 2.0 sound exciting however. My money’s on a Warpath kickstarter at some point in the future (or at least if one is made, it definitely will be!).


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I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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