Primal Doomshaper vs Epic Vayl

Bit of a belated update, due mostly to how exhausted I was feeling last night. In future I’m going to need to throw myself into bed the second I get back from my long night of Hordes, but alas this time I did not.

I’ma firin’ ma trollz0r!

So we’re up to 25 points in the journeyman league, and we’ve now got the option to change our caster/lock if we so wish. Personally I was quite comfortable continuing on with Madrak, but thought I’d throw Doomshaper on the table just to get my newly painted (but not entirely finished) Mauler on the table.

The results were quite effective. I was up against epic Vayl, whose feat turn I did not greatly look forward to. As it turned out though Doomshaper’s rather unpleasant feat was more than enough to deter my opponent from anything too extreme and so both our feats went by without so much as a whimper. Essentially, we cancelled each other out to a degree.

We also tended to spam purification, a nice ability that both our warlocks had that knocks out all animi, upkeeps and spells (enemy and friendly) effectively making our own buffs worthless.

Realising that straight tactics might not be quite as effective, I tried something a bit drastic. Early on my opponent’s Typhon had scored a critical hit against my mauler, knocking him all the way back to Doomshaper (who fortunately wasn’t hit). So I decided on a little revenge, and essentially did the same back to him.

My mauler walked up to Typhon (I’d paid a fury to get him back on his feet) and threw him at Vayl, knocking both of them down and causing her considerable damage. At that point I went all out on Vayl, whose knocked down state made her an easy target. To her credit she still survived to the next round, though she was under the effects of stranglehold, limiting her to either her movement or attack.

My opponent made the mistake of moving Vayl and preparing to destroy Doomshaper with spells, forgeting that stranglehold meant all she could do was move. I felt a bit bad for not letting him take back the move, but it’s what stranglehold is meant for. In any case he got me back later, forcing me to waste two fury casting rampager on a warbeast that can’t be targeted by it (damned non-character warbeast rule!).

At that point Vayl became a punch bag for my mauler and two impalers. She survived long enough to accidentally kill off her entire battlegroup (all but her carnivean who was overloaded with fury, and thus could not be transferred to) leaving the mauler to pummel her to submission.

Overall it was a great game and I learnt a lot from it. I also found a perfect use for the bouncer as he effectively guarded the flank, and played havoc with my opponent’s carnivean by bumping him back each turn… effectively giving the carnivean only the one attack.

The runebearer was also very effective, firstly for vital fury management, and secondly for casting purification for Doomshaper, effectively freeing him up to stranglehold Vayl (and incidentally wittle away at her warbeasts.)

Yeah, so I’m Moses now. No biggy.

For the throw alone though, I’d have to say the mauler stole the show. Though the axer was a close candidate, having lost his spirit and thus being unable to be forced or have his attacks boosted, he still managed to kill two shredders and Typhon with a single thresher attack!

(Oh and in other news, I discovered I am currently sitting on a grand total of 82 points worth of trolls!)


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I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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