The Mark of the Beast

…Or alternatively the number of the secretive Grey Knights chapter of Space Marines.

This was what the view counter was yesterday when I checked early in the day. I have to admit that sadly (or not!) the counter has gone up considerably since then, and I am left feeling very proud of my humble blog for all the attention it has drawn thus far.

There are likely to be quite a few changes around here in the near future and I’ll make a separate post about that later. I want to clarify now though, as a great deal of my views come from this area, that I am taking a break from writing about video games (unless there’s something I think really deserves a post, or really want to write about).

From now on this blog is going to reflect more of what I like to talk about and write about, and I hope you will all continue to enjoy reading my posts.

As I say, more on this at a later date. Stay tuned, and thanks for the support!


About A. R. Whitehead

I'm an aspiring author, with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I love books, comics, games and film. My favourite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.
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